Welcome ......... At Wallace Springs our goal is to be a Canadian Centre of Excellence in Ethical & Sustainable Agriculture demonstrating that a family farm can be profitable, practice environmental stewardship and produce a stable food supply, in perpetuity without degrading the natural resources that support our production processes..........cont'd in About us.

Wallace Springs Farm Guiding Principles


All of our animals are fed an All Natural, Non GMO, Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian feed with free access to grass in the summer and good quality dry hay in the winter.

We will never use growth hormones, or other growth promotants(neither implanted or fed) period.  Need we say more?

You can rest assured that we would never feed anything containing animal byproducts, chemically processed (hexane) soybean meal, or industry byproducts (bakery, ethanol, distillery, confectionery, etc.).

We share the belief that cattle were designed to eat grass and that a diet that is primarily starch based (eg. corn) is about as unnatural as you can get, and is intensely unhealthy for the animal as well as consumers of food products from those animals.  While the preceding statement is true one should not make the assumption that cattle should eat exclusively grass.  That, in our opinion (and the facts of history) is no more natural than "industrial corn fed beef".

The truth of the matter is that throughout history cattle and all ruminants have grazed on grass in the summer and dried grasses and their seeds (yes barley,oats, rye and wheat grass to name a few) during the fall, winter and spring with the key facts being that the seeds made up a small percentage of the animals diet.  We replicate this by feeding seeds up to 15% (some call it grain) of the total diet of our cattle.  The facts are it does good, and we will not deprive our cattle of what is their natural diet

The Ethical Treatment of all Animals is paramount to us, as such animals will not be confined in farrowing or gestation crates, cattle or sow tie stalls or cages, and will be allowed to express their natural behaviours such as herding, flocking, rooting, and dust bathing.  We will not subject our animals to unnecessary medical procedures such as piglet tooth pulling, tail docking, and poultry de-beaking.   Medical procedures which are absolutely required will be done in a manner, and with aids to minimize the animals pain.

The barn space for our animals will be generously bedded with straw, or other "clean" bedding material such that the cattle can stay clean, the pigs can build nests, and the poultry can nest and "scratch". 

We will not allow sewage sludge to be spread on our land, nor will we feed our animals any feed that has been grown on land that has had sewage sludge applied to it.  The phrase "Do the Research - Ask the Questions" becomes important here.  Maybe this is where we should tell you that we will not allow Factory Farm sourced manure to be spread on our land as it also contains a host of heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics and MRSA's which we just do not need, or want.

We will not feed grains which have been "direct flame dried".  Grains dried this way may contain heavy metals as well as a host of other toxins.  So said, corn is pretty much ruled out of our animals' diets unless it has been naturally air dried ie: corn crib.

We will not allow our animals to come into contact with pressure treated wood (arsenic), or lead based paints.  Nor will we topically treat our animals or premises with formaldehyde or other aldehyde formulations.  Kinda makes sense.

Like "Organic Dairy Practices", if ........(it can happen no matter how good your care) our animals require medical treatment (antibiotics for illness, antiparasiticals for parasites) we will ensure that no food or food products from those animals goes to market before a minimum period of 3 times the "labeled" withdrawal period.

Buy from, or food partner with us and know that all the animals at Wallace Springs Farm are given the best possible feed and 24-7-365 care!

Finally, farm visits are encouraged, questions are welcomed, and feedback is appreciatedContact us

Thanx  ..........cowboss

"The way a society eats and the way a society produces the food that that society eats, tells you a great deal about that society," Allison Coudert

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