Welcome ......... At Wallace Springs our goal is to be a Canadian Centre of Excellence in Ethical & Sustainable Agriculture demonstrating that a family farm can be profitable, practice environmental stewardship and produce a stable food supply, in perpetuity without degrading the natural resources that support our production processes..........cont'd in About us.

Thanks comes sometimes when most needed

At Wallace Springs Farm we aim to appreciate and value our customers.  Receiving this note a few days ago reminds us that customers appreciate us as well.  Thank you Steve and Family for the appreciation.   

The moment I step onto the Wallace Springs property I feel a calm and peaceful presence envelop me.  When you meet Ivan and Karen (the owners) and see the animals they raise on their farm you will understand why. They have an uncompromising passion for the ethical  raising of animals destined for the dinner plate.  As an individual obsessed with organic, local food I feel truly lucky to have discovered Wallace Springs, as after many weeks of research and farm visits I am sad to say that this is the only place I can trust getting my meats from.

The animals are raised together with others of their kind in clean and comfortable quarters and freedom to be outdoors as they wish.  The food they eat is all grown free of toxic chemicals on the Wallace Springs property and does not include corn, soy or other foods typically fed to animals to make them fat or to save money on feed, rather than to make them healthy.  Genetically modified organisms are also forbidden here.  The result of this much effort?  Animals that are happy, healthy and absolute models of their kind.  I purchased one of the Berkshire/Tamworth cross pigs and was in awe of the physical perfection and vibrance of the animal.  Fit, muscular, gorgeous coat, full of energy - it simply radiated health and happiness.  When it does come to "harvest" time, the animals are not shipped off to some factory slaughterhouse in a freezing container truck.  Ivan works with small, local abattoirs that he has visited himself and that meet his high standards.  The final product is something to be tasted to believe.  The flavour and texture are beyond compare.  

If you want to maintain access to (and control over) your own healthy and ethically raised meats, you have a duty to support farms like Ivan and Karen's before they are gone. Spending your dollars on factory farmed meats may be less impactful to your bottom line, but you are supporting a system that is wiping out these small independent farmers.  What are your principles and health worth?  Which system do you choose to support? Every individual makes a difference in this respect.


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