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One Million Milkweeds for the Monarchs Campaign

"Because the monarch population is basically in a downward spiral, getting milkweed in the ground is the most important thing."
~Tyler Flockhart, a conservation biologist and researcher at the University of Guelph.

Become a friend by sponsoring 100, 500, or 2000 milkweed plants
This is exactly what we are prepared to do at Wallace Springs Eco Centre.   The land is committed, much of the seed was harvested last fall and is currently being stratified, planting arrangements are substantially in place.  With a little help from our friends we will have a 12 acre pollinator sanctuary in place for the 2015 season.  It is our expectation that Wallace Springs Insectory will, once in place, contribute over 500,000 Monarchs to the fall migration as well as provide clean pesticide free habitat for bees and other native pollinators and be a demonstration plot for education

Become a friend of Wallace Springs Insectory by sponsoring a portion of our "1,000,000 milkweeds for the Monarchs" planting.
  • Sponsor the planting of 100 milkweeds for $20.00 ($0.20 each), 500 milkweeds for $50.00 ($0.10 each) or 2000 milkweeds for $100.00 ($0.05 each).  Donate at the "Building Wallace Springs Insectory" Donate button on the right hand sidebar.  Please leave a message letting me know if you wish to remain anonymous.  
I Thank You.  The Monarch butterflies and other pollinators will thank you for being a friend of Wallace Springs Insectory.

Friends of Wallace Springs Insectory

Maurice Clark                                        
Melissa Lockwood                          
Fawn Seminoff
Kevin Thom                                             
Dan Shieck                                      
G. Lavacque
Wendy Broadbent Forsyth                    
Michelle Wehrle                                
S. & C. McCullough
Jinchuan Wang                                      
Richard Dance                                    
Cecily Porter
Mr. Kelly Edgar
Larry Krumpitz
1 anonymous sponsor
Lyann La Rochelle
Coreen Heary
Doug Crosby
Kathleen Harding
Karin Godak
Donna Kudzman
Keith Taylor
1 anonymous sponsor
Dianne Johnston


  1. I am very interested in growing milkweed here in PEI and wonder if you are still offering free milkweed seeds (with sase).

    1. Dianne, send me an email to cowboss@ymail.com and will give you our address to send a sase to for the milkweed seed

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Danielle

      The One Million Milkweeds for the Monarchs Campaign is still on if that is what you were asking. We need and appreciate all the friends we can find. If sending you some milkweed seed sweetens the offer then sure we can do that as well :-)