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Build Your Pollinator Habitat Package - Free Milkweed Seed

Monarch butterflies are in decline across North America. The loss of milkweed plants due to the widespread adoption of herbicide-resistant crops, has been identified as a major contributing factor of the monarch's decline. . Disease, climate change, widespread insecticide use, and loss or degradation of nectar-rich habitat are also contributing to the population decline of all our pollinators.

Make 2018 the year that you plant habitat. We are offering you a very generous package of 11 seed varieties (listed below) to plant your waystation with food for the Monarch butterfly (and their babies), bees, hummers, and other beneficial insects, all for the small donation of $19.99 ( + $2.00 postage + HST = $24.85). For this donation to our "Building Wallace Springs Insectory" fund we will also include 250 free milkweed seeds. Just go to the "Donate" button on the blog sidebar, donate and make sure to include your address so we can send the seed to you.

All proceeds will be used to fund the building/improving of insect,  pollinator and amphibian habitat at Wallace Springs.   I Thank You and the pollinators will Thank You.

Volume quantities available on most of the seeds shown, email us at cowboss@ymail for volume pricing. Thank You  ............ ivan.