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Grow Your Own Hops...

Wallace Springs Eco Centre  has Hop Rhizomes available for purchase. These will be available in the spring, from late March to late April.  The hop rhizomes we sell are grown organically on our farm.  We will also have a small number of started plants available

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Rhizomes are the best way to produce strong, healthy, female plants. The female plants produce the hop flowers that are used for brewing. Hops (Humulus lupulus) grow well in temperate climates and prefer lots of sunlight and water. They are a climbing vine plant that can reach lengths of up to 18 feet. Hops are a perennial that grow back from the rhizome each spring and die back to the crown in the fall. Most varieties planted from a rhizome cutting do not produce a lot of flowers in the first year, but will produce hops for many subsequent years if properly cared for.

Hops are very easy to cultivate and will produce more hops than you and your friends will need for many years.  Generally it will take 2 years for the plant to become fully productive, although you will get a small decent harvest the first year.

For the 2019 season choose from Cascade, Mount. Hood, Hallertau and our newest addition, Wallace hops.  Wallace is very hardy, has excellent flavor and citrus aroma.  Wallace is a 200 + year old heritage variety that we have propagated exclusively at Wallace Springs.  A hop you will love.  Rhizomes are priced at $6.50 ea and plants are $12.50 ea.   We will have Cascade, Hallertau, Mt. Hood and Wallace plants late May.

You can pick the rhizomes up at the farm, or we can ship them to you.  Plants must be picked up and will be available in May/June and thru the summer as long as supply lasts.  Rhizome shipping will be in March/April.  All orders will ship as soon as frost is out of the ground and we can dig the rhizomes . Pre-orders are strongly recommended to have the best choice of rhizomes.. All pre-sales must be pre-paid at the time you place the order, not at delivery time. This policy allows us to ship the rhizomes immediately upon digging so you receive the freshest possible root stock. Your purchase will be refunded in full if a crop failure prevents delivery.

2nd year hop Cascade hop plant grown from rhizome at Wallace Springs

Ordering - We can invoice you on Paypal or you can do an etransfer to us at cowboss@ymail.com.  Please note that Canada Post now has a $12.00 minimum charge for parcel post.  As a result the shipping for 1 or 12 rhizomes is the same total postage :-( ie; 1 rhizome = $12.00 total for shipping, 12 rhizomes = $12.00 total for shipping.

Finally, farm visits are encouraged, questions are welcomed, and feedback is appreciated Contact us