Welcome ......... At Wallace Springs our goal is to be a Canadian Centre of Excellence in Ethical & Sustainable Agriculture demonstrating that a family farm can be profitable, practice environmental stewardship and produce a stable food supply, in perpetuity without degrading the natural resources that support our production processes..........cont'd in About us.

Ontario Pastured* Beef for Sale

We share the belief that cattle were designed to eat grass and that a diet that is primarily starch based (eg. corn) is about as unnatural as you can get, and is intensely unhealthy for the animal as well as consumers of food products from those animals.  While the preceding statement is true one should not then make the assumption that cattle should eat exclusively vegetative grass.  That, in our opinion (and the facts of history) is no more natural than "industrial corn fed beef".  Fact is that Mercola has never raised livestock in Canada.  Nor does it appear that he has studied the natural diet of ruminants.

The truth of the matter is that throughout history cattle and all ruminants have grazed on grass in the early summer and dried grasses and their seeds (yes barley,oats, rye and wheat grass seeds to name a few) during the fall, winter and spring with the key facts being that the seeds made up a small percentage of the animals diet.  We replicate this by feeding seeds (some call it grain) up to 15%  of the diet of our cattle. We will not deprive our cattle of the energy they need and enjoy any more than good parents would totally deprive their children of healthy energy components of their diet.

WSCC Grass Fed Beef is Lean, Tender, and Nutritious
When you purchase Wallace Springs Cattle Company Ethically raised beef you can be confident that the animals were fed naturally, without GMOs, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.  Over many years of experience in the cattle business we have proven that good feed and a good life  makes for great beef.  Try it and we believe that you will agree with us.

All Wallace Springs beef is typically dry aged 21 days - no matter how anxious the customer is for their beef we will not allow aging to be less than 14 days.

We have a limited amount of Wallace Springs Cattle Company beef available in sides or whole.  Our price is $4.79/lb. dressed weight plus processing charges which you pay directly to the processor  (typically $0.55/lb.).  A $25.00 per animal trailering to processing charge applies   Contact us  for booking your order - we require a $300.00/side deposit to confirm booking.  Sorry, we do not deliver beef.


* Full disclosure:  At Wallace Springs the beef animals are on pasture during the spring, summer, and fall with supplemental access to dry hay.  During the winter when there is no "pasture" the beef animals are given shelter and 24 hr.access to dry hay.

Finally, farm visits are encouraged, questions are welcomed, and feedback is appreciatedContact us

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