Welcome ......... At Wallace Springs our goal is to be a Canadian Centre of Excellence in Ethical & Sustainable Agriculture demonstrating that a family farm can be profitable, practice environmental stewardship and produce a stable food supply, in perpetuity without degrading the natural resources that support our production processes..........cont'd in About us.

Wallace Springs Garlic

We have been continuously growing garlic on our farm since the 1990's when my mother gave us our first few bulbs to plant.  Over the years our seed stock has grown, and in 2011 we offered our first Garlic bulbs for Sale.  The feedback was consistent - "the size and quality is great, and the flavour is fantastic".  It is true that garlic is like wine, and it takes on an individual flavour from each growing area.

Our Ivan Garlic (a porcelain hardneck and undoubtedly will be the most popular Canadian variety of garlic)) has very large bulbs with lasting flavor! When eaten raw, it is a very hot-flavored garlic. However, when cooked/roasted Ivan loses its heat and offers a lasting garlic flavor with a hint of sweetness. It produces 4 to 7 large, easy to peel cloves with the classic garlic flavor that excels in any recipe.   Ivan is a good keeper and will still be solid in May if stored in a cool dry area of your home - we keep it in the garage which is heated to just above freezing.
Ivan Seed garlic at Wallace Springs

Fresh Garlic Scapes - A Delicacy! In early summer, typically in June, the garlic plants produce scapes, which we remove to allow all the growth effort to be put into the bulb for larger garlic cloves. These scapes aren't a useless byproduct of the garlic...they are a sought-after delicacy, used in stir fries and pickled garlic scapes or they may be frozen for future use!  Our price is $0.50 a dozen picked fresh - sorry we cannot deliver  .......... contact us prior to June to book scapes.

Garlic Bulbs For Sale - Garlic harvest typically occurs when the combines head to the wheat fields, late July or early August.  It must then be hung to cure, a process that takes 2-3 weeks at which time it is cleaned (roots and stem removed) and ready for sale.  We are taking bookings now for new crop garlic at $10.00/lb for large size bulbs and  We can ship this to you if you need - contact us for details

Ivan Garlic Seed Bulbs for 2020 - This year we have Ivan seed garlic available, grown out from bulbils 3 years and ready to plant for market bulbs.  Absolutely disease and wilt free.  Grown organically without chemical fertilizer or pesticides/herbicides.  Will be shipping the end of Aug.   $0.24 per clove picked up at our farm  A 1 cent per clove charge will be added for handling if you require the seed garlic shipped  Also available seed seed garlic.  Smaller bulbs that need another year grow out to be seed size at $0.09/clove with a 1 penny handling charge/clove if you need the seed shipped.

Garlic Bulbils - If you are wanting to get into growing garlic and looking for lower start up costs you may want to investigate "growing out" your seed stock from "Bulbils".  Boundary Garlic Farms has an excellent reference page on growing garlic from bulbils.  We are sold out for 2019 planting but will have good supply of Ivan, bulbils in stock for spring 2021 planting.  .  $2.00/scape

  SOLD OUT for 2020

Finally, farm visits are on hiatus due to Covid 19, questions are welcomed, and feedback is appreciatedContact us

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